Google Photo’s AI is better at sharing your photos than you – CNET

Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET

With Google Photos, you’ll no longer have to worry about finding and sharing that perfect photo.

Using machine learning the app will be able to remind you to share photos, but who to share them with. Called Suggested Sharing, it will use your sharing habits, select the best shots and then recommend who to share them with based on who’s in the photos.

Google Photos will also now have the option to share libraries. You’ll still have complete control over what you share, such as a subset or from a certain date, but your entire library can be shared as well. The person you share your library with can view and save your photos to their library. Photos’ machine learning can also be set to share images containing only specific people.

This is a developing story. Watch the Google I/O live stream and check out the latest Google I/O news.

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