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Long before he was Batman, he was Mr. Mom.

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The first of June sees a huge amount of movies hitting Hulu’s streaming catalog. Let’s highlight just some of them (well, because there’s a full list below — so why highlight all of them?).

Way back in 1983, Michael Keaton starred in “Mr. Mom.” A lot of the jokes are pretty dated by today’s standards. However, it does have some advice any parent should remember such as never feed a baby chili and you can make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron.

Four years later, “Over the Top” hit theaters. This movie might be the greatest arm-wrestling/father-son movie to ever star Sylvester Stallone that has ever existed.

If neither of those movies grabs your attention, then you might not have a pulse. If you are without a pulse, you may have a larger problem and should consult a physician.

Available on Hulu, June 2017

June 1

June 2

June 3

  • Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine (Hulu documentary)

June 4

  • Arbor Demon (2016)
  • Urge (2016)

June 5

  • Arbitrage (2012)
  • A Case of You (2013)
  • North (1994)

June 6

June 7

June 8

  • What Happened Last Night (2016)

June 9

June 11

  • Traspecos (2016)

June 13

June 14

June 15

  • Bayou Maharajah (2013)
  • Family Mission: The TJ Labraico Story (2016)
  • The Girls in the Band (2011)
  • The Hunting of the President (2004)
  • Outatime (2016)

June 16

June 17

June 18

June 22

June 23

June 26

June 29

June 30

  • The Pact 2 (2014)

Leaving Hulu in June 2017

June 30

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