Dish customers can channel surf with Amazon Alexa – CNET


Alexa can now help Dish customers who don’t want to dig for their remote control.

Ry Crist / CNET

At this point, where won’t Alexa go?

Amazon’s digital assistant, found on the online shopping giant’s family of Echo speakers, will now let Dish Network satellite TV subscribers to change the channel, search for shows and pause, fast-forward or rewind by calling out a command.

Dish is the first TV provider to make its service compatible with Alexa as companies scramble to work with an increasing crop of digital voice assistants from Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft. The company originally announced this capability at CES.

Customers just need to enable the Dish TV skill in the Alexa app to get started.

Beyond convenience, the hands-free Alexa option offers a new way for people with physical disabilities to control their television.

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