Google Doodle champions activist Richard Oakes – CNET


Oakes was unwavering in his dedication to his community and social justice.


Google is using its Doodle this Monday to celebrate the life of activist Richard Oakes.

Today would have been Oakes’ 75th birthday, had he not died tragically young at the age of 30. Oakes grew up in the Mohawk Indian reservation in Akwesasne on the border between New York and Canada, and he spent much of the 1960s and 70s campaigning for the right of American Indians to have control over their land.

Oakes was most well known for his occupation of Alcatraz in 1969. He led a group of fellow activists with the aim of setting up a community on the island, complete with a university, museum and cultural center. He did not succeed, but his actions helped him put the treatment of American Indians by the US government in the spotlight.

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