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All those little holes in your sponge are great places for bacteria to breed. To kill the bacteria, wet your sponge and put it in the microwave for 1 minute. If your sponge has bits falling off or has food trapped in the scrubber you just can’t get out, then don’t bother. It’s time to toss it.

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​Plastic storage containers

If your plastic containers are warped, then the lids won’t seal properly. A poor seal can lead to freezer burn, spills and other problems. Add them to the recycling bin and buy some new containers.

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​Chipped cups and bowls

I know it’s hard to let go of your favorite bowl or mug, but if it’s chipped, you need to say adios. That broken area can cut your lip or fingers. Plus, if your bowl or cup is an antique, the paint may contain lead. You don’t want little flakes of lead in your coffee or cereal.

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​Ceramics that just don’t look right

While we’re talking about lead, take a good look at the old ceramic items in your kitchen. Ceramic bowls or cups that have a corroded glaze (it looks like the paint is coming off) or are covered with a dusty looking or chalky gray residue after they have been washed may be glazed with lead. The lead can leach into your food, so stop using them ASAP.

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​Old spices

If you don’t cook a lot, your spices may be past their prime. The older the seasoning, the less flavor it will give your recipes. The best indication of how good a spice might be is the sniff test. If the spice still smells strong, keep it. If you can hardly smell anything, toss it.

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Use the sniff test on herbs, too. Also, look for faded or grayish colors, which could be another sign of herbs that are past their prime.

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​Canning jar lids

Do not reuse canning jar lids for canning. After one use, the seal will no longer work properly. You can use the used lids on items you’ll just store in the fridge, but once they’re rusty it’s time to toss them in the recycling bin.

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Ripped pot holders

This should be obvious, but I’ve seen too many people with ripped pot holders in their kitchens. Eventually, these people end up with a nasty burn. Don’t be like those people! Get some new potholders that will properly protect your digits.

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If your sieves are rusty or have holes, toss them in the recycling. The rust can get into your food and what’s the point of pouring something through a sieve that has a big hole in it? Just let go.

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​Unused appliances

It doesn’t matter if it was a wedding gift or not. Box up any appliance you haven’t used in a year and give it to charity. You’ll enjoy the added space in your kitchen and someone else will enjoy your donation.

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