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Roger Moore 1927-2017

Actor Roger Moore, who played suave secret agent James Bond between 1973 and 1985, has died at age 89. His adventures brought us many memorable action scenes and outfits — and of course, countless cool gadgets.

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Shark gun

In his first outing, “Live and Let Die”, Roger Moore’s Bond employed a shark gun that fired pressurised air pellets to deal with the villainous Dr Kananga.

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Rolex Submariner

Where would James Bond be without his trusty watch? In “Live and Let Die”, 007’s standard issue Rolex Submariner included an electromagnet and a saw for cutting himself from bondage.

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Glastron GT-50

Among the vehicles Roger Moore piloted with panache is the Glastron GT-50 speedboat, commandeered during a high-speed chase in “Live and Let Die”.

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Glastron GT-50

Stunt performer Jerry Comeaux jumped the speedboat a record 110 feet (34 meters).

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Superfluous papilla

In “The Man With The Golden Gun”, Roger Moore’s Bond impersonates his nemesis Francisco Scaramanga by donning a particular gadget made specially by equipment specialist Q: a stick-on third nipple.

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Golden Gun

Fiendish hit man Scaramanga’s arsenal of gadgets included his trademark single-shot golden gun built from a pen, cigarette case, lighter and cuff link.

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Solex laser cannon

Roger Moore raised a trademark arched eyebrow as Christopher Lee’s Scaramanga swapped his golden gun for a bigger one, powered by the golden light of the sun.

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Seiko Quartz watch

In 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me”, Roger Moore’s 007 switched to a Seiko Quartz watch that had a built-in telex teleprinter for urgent messages from M.

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Lotus Esprit submarine

The most iconic gadget of Roger Moore’s tenure — and perhaps the entire Bond series — is the Lotus Esprit submarine seen in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

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Lotus Esprit submarine

A miniature of the Lotus Espirit S1 that sprouted fins and took to the water in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. The model appeared in a 2012 London exhibit marking 50 years of Bondian vehicles.

Lotus Esprit submarine

The Esprit was nicknamed “Wet Nellie”, a reference to a mini-helicopter called “Little Nellie” seen in an earlier film.

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Roger Moore rode the Spirit Marine Wetbike prototype in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

Photo by: CNET

Laser pistol

“Moonraker” saw Roger Moore don a spacesuit and use a laser pistol, which fans will remember fondly from the video game GoldenEye years later.

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Seiko watch

The Seiko watch had a rather short fuse in “Moonraker”. 007 also employed a wrist-worn dart gun to deal with the villainous Hugo Drax.

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Roger Moore turned heads in his “Bondola” in 1979’s “Moonraker”.

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“For Your Eyes Only” was a deliberately grittier outing for Roger Moore. That meant fewer gadgets — although Bond and Q did use a computer system called the Identigraph to build up a picture of a mysterious assassin.

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“For Your Eyes Only” revolved around one particular gadget: the ATAC, a targeting computer for Britain’s nuclear missiles.

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Walther PPK

Sometimes the only kit Roger Moore’s Bond needed was his signature Walther PPK pistol.

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Lotus Esprit Turbo

Roger Moore was back in a Lotus Esprit in “For Your Eyes Only”.

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Lotus Esprit Turbo

This Lotus Esprit Turbo had a rather more explosive secret power than its predecessor: it blew up when a henchman tried to break in.

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Indian rope trick

Roger Moore and tennis star Vijay Amritraj (left) check out the latest kit from quartermaster Q (Desmond Llewelyn) in “Octopussy”. Among Q’s inventions are a high-tech version of the classic Indian rope trick.

Photo by: Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images

Mini-Jet Acrostar BD-5J

The Acrostar mini-plane and its folding wings took off from a fake horsebox in “Octopussy”.

Photo by: Danny Martindale/WireImage

Fabergé egg

Actor Louis Jourdan with the Faberge egg at the heart of “Octopussy”. Little does he know it contains a listening device and homing beacon, which pairs with Bond’s Seiko watch and weaponised Mont Blanc fountain pen.

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Renault 11

Bond “borrowed” this Renault 11 from outside the Eiffel Tower — and proceeded to chop bits off it as he pursued the villainous May Day in “View to a Kill”.

Photo by: CNET

Renault 11

Lucky the Renault 11 had front-wheel-drive.

Photo by: Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images

Roger Moore

Goodbye Roger Moore, the suavest James Bond.

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