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Swipe the screen quickly to see how many spins you can get, then use coins to buy upgrades.

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A fidget spinner app is taking over Apple‘s app store, but after only a few minutes with it, it’s pretty clear its popularity has more to do with the physical toys than with the quality of the app.

If you’re in the dark, fidget spinners are stress-relieving toys that consist of a bearing in the center with three spokes sticking out. Simply hold the spinner between your thumb and index finger by the hub, use your other hand to start them spinning and embrace the satisfying distraction. The toys have become a viral trend, and people can’t seem to get enough of them.

As of Tuesday, the Fidget Spinner app topped Apple’s free chart. It puts a fidget spinner on your screen, challenging you to swipe five times quickly to see how many spins you can get. Each “game” rewards you with coins that you can then use to spend on things like faster bearings, greasing the wheels and other things to make your spins faster and longer. The game is ad supported, and you can get more coins by watching full length ads for other games. Paying $2.99 will remove the ads.

The problem: swiping the screen to watch something spin is neither challenging or satisfying. Frankly, there’s really not much to it, and it’s mostly a waste of your time.

Even so, it will probably stay popular as long as the fidget spinner toy fad continues. If you don’t care about this latest trend now, the app isn’t going to change that.

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