Microsoft Mixer adds co-op streaming for Xbox, Windows games – CNET


Four-player co-op streaming via Mixer.


Microsoft renamed its game-streaming service, and gave it some upgrades. Co-op live-streamers might be thrilled.

Microsoft Beam is now Mixer. If you have no idea what that means, a quick refresher: Microsoft bought Beam, a live-streaming game-sharing app, in 2016. Beam was added to Xbox One and Windows 10 this year.

Mixer’s new focus is on being faster — according to Microsoft, the service is fully latency-free, versus a “10 to 20 second lag” on competing services.

The reason this seems to matter is because of Mixer’s co-op features, which will stream up to four games side-by-side. Collaborative streaming is the big new part of Mixer’s mix.

Other details:

  • Mixer works across platforms (Xbox, Windows).
  • People don’t have to be playing the same game, or even be playing a game at all (Microsoft suggests live board games, for instance).
  • Mixer Create iOS and Android beta apps will work for mobile streaming, and eventually mobile game-streaming.
  • Mixer’s built into the Xbox One Guide and Windows 10 Game Bar.
  • Microsoft’s streaming its E3 2017 coverage through Mixer, too.

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