Snapchat made it easier to create wedding, birthday filters – CNET


Snapchat adds easy to make On-Demand geofilters.


If Snapchat is known for one thing, it’s filters. Thursday the company added a new tool for users to create their own custom geofilters.

Snapchat’s On-Demand geofilters are aimed at both people and businesses. So whether it’s a wedding, a coffee shop or a birthday party, you can easily share messages to other friends there using these geofilters.

One of the cool features of On-Demand geofilters is the ability for anyone to create one. Snapchat has created a website dedicated to making geofilters. You can build custom icons or upload them from another program like Adobe Photoshop, and even set a geofence around your event or business simply by drawing a perimeter around it on a map.

Snapchat On-Demand geofilters are available now. Pricing varies depending the size of the geofence and the duration of the event. For example, an hour long geofence around our CNET office was $5, but using one for 2 days in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco costs $100,000.

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