Who is #TheModernDad?

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“The modern day father comes in various forms. Today’s father is no longer always the traditional married breadwinner and disciplinarian in the family. He can be single or married; externally employed or stay-at home; gay or straight; an adoptive or step-parent…

Psychological research across families from all ethnic backgrounds suggests that fathers’ affection and increased family involvement help promote children’s social and emotional development.”
The Changing Role of the Modern Day Father


Modern parenthood and Etsy

Traditional family norms are changing and we here at Etsy want to support and enable parents, regardless of their gender, to play equal roles in building successful companies and nurturing their families.

Our 2017 Seller Census reports Etsy has long functioned as an enabler of entrepreneurship by creating opportunities for many people who might not have started a business otherwise. For 45% of Etsy sellers, we were the first place they sold their goods. Among sellers with children at home, this number is 46%.

Creative entrepreneurs gravitate towards us because, as a platform, Etsy has minimised many of the inherent risks associated with starting a business, and in doing so, we’ve allowed creative entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses on their own terms.

“We work for ourselves so that we can spend as much time as possible with our family. We can manage our storefront remotely and from any location, it has meant that we can travel with our girls to far flung corners of the globe and not worry too much about missing sales or enquiries.”
Catherine & Jamie Douglas Alston, Cumbria (wearebreadandjam.etsy.com)


Celebrate #TheModernDad for the chance to win £1000 Etsy gift card

This Father’s Day we want to hear about #TheModernDad in your life, give a shout out to a fella fighting gender stereotypes or a family flying in the face of outdated traditions, using #TheModernDad.

Post an image, video (or if words are your preferred tool tell us why in writing!) showing your Dad, husband, partner or your best friend owning modern parenthood using #TheModernDad and tag @etsyuk and you could be in with the chance of winning £1000 Etsy gift card to craft a father’s day that’s as unique as your family!

Ways to enter:

Post on Instagram or Twitter (using #TheModernDad, tagging us @etsyuk and liking our page) showing or explain why the Dad in your life is a shining example of modern fatherhood.


Like and reply to this Facebook post a snap, video or type what #TheModernDad in your life is doing to redefine the way we look at parenthood.

Full Ts & Cs: http://etsy.me/2r3te47


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