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Google wants to make art experts out of everyone.

The search giant has launched a new feature for art-related searches that will allow you to understand more about the artist and his works, as well as where they can be found, it announced in a Wednesday blog post. Over 500 million Google searches per month are art-related, the company said.

The new feature — mildly reminiscent of the travel guide tab that comes up when you search a city or country — is the result of a collaboration between Google’s Arts and Culture team and its search engineers. When you search for an artist like Gustav Klimt, for example, an interactive panel pops up that allows you to see an overview of the artist, his works, as well as where you can find them. Some pieces can also be viewed in high-resolution. 

Google has also implemented a similar feature on Street View. If you navigate around museums, you can click on a painting for more information.

When CNET tried out the new features on an art gallery, National Gallery Singapore, we realised not every painting found has more information available.  


  Not all exhibits come with additional information. Of three pa

Screengrab by Zoey Chong/CNET

It is also unclear if the artworks shown will only consist of permanent exhibits. CNET has reached out to Google for clarification.

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