How to Naturally Remove Blackheads (Steam and Towel Method)

Blackheads can be annoying. Luckily, they are easy to remove. This wikiHow will show you how to remove blackheads naturally using steam and a towel.

Edit10 Second Summary

1. Wash your face with warm water.
2. Fill a clean bowl with hot, steaming water.
3. Lean over the bowl.
4. Drape a clean towel over your head to create a “tent.”
5. Wait 5 to 10 minutes.
6. Wash your face with cool water and apply moisturizer.


EditSteaming Your Face

  1. Wash your face thoroughly. Steaming helps to relax and open the pores in your skin, which can help to clean them, but it also opens them up to more inflammation and can lock in any dirt already on your face. Before you steam your face, you need to wash it with room temperature water thoroughly, getting any dirt, grime, make-up, and oils off of your skin before you start. Never steam your face before cleaning your face.
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  2. Fill a sink or bowl with hot water. You can steam your skin in any clean bowl, sink, or other water basin. It’s usually done by draping a towel over your face and the sink creating a tent to trap the steam and heat inside, softening your skin and opening your pores.
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    • Make sure you clean the surface of the water basin thoroughly with soap, and rinse it out before you attempt to steam your face. In the past it was thought that antibacterial soap would be helpful, but newer studies have shown that antibacterial soaps can cause superbugs, that is why ordinary detergent or soap is recommended. This will remove germs stuck to the bottom of your sink and you can be reassured that you will not vaporize germs.
  3. Hold your face over the steam for for 5-10 minutes. Relax and breathe deeply, enjoying the effect of the steam. This is a common feature of spa treatments, helping also to relieve sinus problems and other respiratory issues.
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    • It’s important that you do this for no more than 5-10 minutes at a time, and no more than once or twice a week. Over-steaming your face can eventually dry it out, which can eventually result in your skin over-producing oil to try to make up for the lack of moisture in your skin.
  4. Wash your face with cold water. To close your skin back up, rinse your face with cold water and moisturize, using a natural moisturizer. It’s important to use cold water to close your pores gently and naturally, not products made from glycerine and alcohol, which can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin.
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EditKeeping Your Face Clean

  1. Only use gentle cleaning techniques. If you want to remove blackheads naturally, it’s important to separate the astringent cleaners from the gentle cleaners to keep your skin as healthy as possible. It’s likely you’ll want to avoid harsh, alcohol-based cleaners, as well as chemical-based commercial cleansers.
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    • It’s also important to be gentle with your skin as you wash. Don’t pick at your blackheads, or scrub your skin vigorously. Only use gentle scrubbing, even if you’re exfoliating. You don’t need to dig at your skin to keep it clean.
  2. Consider using home remedies to cleanse your skin. Done properly and applied in the correct way, home remedies can be crafted using a wide variety of ingredients that are effective at tightening, soothing, and exfoliating your skin, making your skin more inhospitable to blackheads.
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  3. Use natural moisturizers. Using natural-based moisturizers is essential to healthy skin. While many associate oiliness with blackheads, it’s true that using excessive products that dry out your skin will actually end up making your skin oilier in the long run. Remember to moisturize regularly with natural plant-based oils and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy.
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  4. Never squeeze your blackheads. Again, this can’t be overstressed. Do not squeeze, strip, or pick at your blackheads. They cannot be removed entirely or permanently, and attempting to do so is bad for your skin. However, skin specialists may sometimes use a comedone remover, which is available in surgical supply stores; this applies pressure only around the comedone with minimal pressure, so the rest of the skin does not get damaged.
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  5. Use coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which are bactericidal and kill acne bacteria. They also function as a natural moisturizer and prevent comedones from forming. Buy organic coconut oil and use a thin film on your face once a day.[1]
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  6. Eat a diet free of dairy products and sugar. It has been known for decades that only people in civilized countries come down with comedones and acne. In native populations of Brazil and Japan where food is eaten containing no milk products, sugar and starchy foods, there is no acne.[2]
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  • Use cold water while rinsing your face. It’ll close up blackheads.
  • Try not to touch the water or tap when you’re over the sink. It will be hot.
  • If the blackhead is being stubborn, leave it, don’t force it as you can break the skin and cause scarring.
  • Don’t pick at your blackheads. They will become worse. Go see a dermatologist if the problem worsens.
  • Those who have asthma may need to take precautions before steaming their faces. Depending on the severity of your ailment, have your rescue inhaler ready. Many spas warn against streaming or use of sauna if you are asthmatic, pregnant, or have hypertension ( high blood pressure).
  • If you put tea tree oil and leave it on your face, it helps.
  • For severe acne, steam cleaning daily is highly beneficial.
  • Don’t pick at blackheads or pimples, they might get worse.
  • To clear blackheads wash your face with warm water then apply a moisturizer then was off with cold water… This will help because the hotness of the water will open up the pours more and then you put your moisturiser in to clear out the pours then you wash off with Really cold water to close your pours… Then you should probably apply sunscreen SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun! Do this treatment twice a day.


  • Try not to use removal tools as that can most likely lead to more blackheads.

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