China unveils a trackless, driverless bus – Roadshow

World's First Trackless Train Launched In Hunan

The vehicle uses white dotted-lines as a track.


A Chinese train company is working on a new way to get around.

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, or ART, is a 98-foot (30-meter) train-bus hybrid that doesn’t need a driver or tracks because sensors can detect white dotted-lines painted on the road, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive said Friday, according to Chinese state media Xinhuanet. CNET could not reach the company for comment.  

The mass-transit vehicle’s size can change because carriages can be added or removed.

One ART bus will cost about $2.2 million and can travel about 15 miles after 10 minutes of charging. Zhuzhou City in the Hunan Province expects to start using the ART downtown next year. 

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