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The Yamaha YAS-207 is an affordable sound bar and subwoofer coming in July


Yamaha has unveiled details of its newest sound bar, the YAS-207, which is the first to feature DTS’ latest surround processing Virtual:X offers a wireless subwoofer.

The YAS-207 is a more affordable replacement for the YAS-203 ($349.95 at Amazon.com) and includes a cosmetic upgrade as well as some more up-to-date features. For example, while the ‘203 lacked HDMI inputs the update includes them and throws in compatibility for 4K HDR compatibility. It also includes Bluetooth streaming and a smartphone app as well.

The main sound bar is slimmer than before at 2-⅜ inches high which means it’s less likely to block your IR port (no word on if it incorporates an IR flasher though) and it also includes a wireless, rectangular subwoofer.

As far as DTS Virtual:X is concerned, it aims to replicate surround and overhead information housed in a surround/Dolby Atmos soundtrack without dedicated speakers. You can expect to see the technology in stereo sound bars such as the YAS-207 from the middle of 2017 and onwards.

I heard the YAS-207 in combination with DTS Virtual:X at a closed-door demo at CES 2017, and also with a more expensive Paradigm bar at a DTS event in April. Of the two the Yamaha demo was more impressive as it was using affordable equipment to simulate a fairly convincing surround effect.

In addition to DTS Virtual:X the sound bar also includes Clear Voice processing designed to make dialogue more understandable.

The Yamaha YAS-207 will be available in July 2017 at a $299.95 with Australian and UK pricing and availability to be announced. However. expect UK pricing to be the same numerical amount but in pounds while Australian pricing is likely to be around $600.

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