Alexa will give live general election results in the UK – CNET

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Today, Britain heads to the polling stations to elect a new government so Amazon has updated its Alexa voice assistant to give Brits easy access to the latest news on the election.

Asking “Alexa, what’s the latest with the election?” will provide a quick overview of all the news surrounding the election, Amazon explains. Alternatively, you can try “Alexa, who’s winning the election?” to receive the latest figures on the number of seats each party has won.

It’s unlikely that there’ll be a response for “Alexa, how many beautiful dogs have been seen at the polling station?” so you’ll have to track that hashtag on Twitter yourself. 

Polls will close at 10 p.m. UK time, with the first results expected to come in by midnight. The final result is likely to be clear by midday tomorrow.

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