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Kuli the surfing cat

Kuli the surfing cat, as she’s known on Instagram, catches some rays in Honolulu before riding a wave. 

Photo by: KuliTheSurfingCat/Instagram


At an elephant sanctuary in Bangkok, Thailand, Christian LeBlanc reached for a banana to feed one of the animals. The elephant snagged LeBlanc’s GoPro to take an “elphie” of the two. 

Photo by: lostleblanc/Instagram

Halo, the flying dog

Danny Schneider said it took four months to build enough trust for his high-flying dog, Halo, to jump from a tree into his arms.

Photo by: hard9choppers/Instagram

Great white shark in Africa

Captured in Mossel Bay, South Africa, by Amanda Brewer, this shot of a great white shark is one of the most daring GoPro photos ever. 

Photo by: Amanda Brewer/Sharkservation

Kangaroos in Australia

While exploring Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia, Alex Cable, a travel blogger, made friends with two adorable kangaroos. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

‘Kibulu’ the African Lion

Here’s Kibulu, an African lion, playing with a GoPro camera in the Zambi Wildlife Park in Sydney, New South Wales. 

Photo by: Getty Images

Wrestling Kibulu

Here’s another photo of Kibulu. This time he’s wrestling with his handler, Daniel Lack, as they roll in the grass. 

Photo by: Getty Images

Manny the selfie cat

Elephants and lions aren’t the only animals to take selfies. Here’s Manny the selfie cat and his friends posing for a picture. 

Photo by: yoremahm/Instagram

Sea turtle close-up

Here’s an incredible close-up shot of a sea turtle, taken by Mark Fitz, near Lady Elliot Island in Australia. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Donkey in Tulum

While hanging out on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, Spencer Watson used his GoPro Hero 5 to snap a photo of a donkey stealing his drink. 

Photo by: thebrownspy/Instagram

A trio of Boston Terriers

In San Jose, Andalucia, Spain, Miriam Carmo took an adorable photo of her trio of Boston Terriers. 

Photo by: miriamcarmonera/Instagram

Bilbo the shiba inu

There aren’t many things better than a dog’s smile. Here’s a Manu Sainz-Trápaga GoPro photo of his shiba inu, named Bilbo.

Photo by: mannu1415/Instagram

Swimming seal in Australia

At the Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium, Fitz took an underwater photo of a swimming seal. The picture was taken in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

The adventure dog

Bob Ward, an adventure dog photographer, took this photo while riding his bike with his dog Tula in Lake Tahoe. 

Photo by: harebrainbob/Instagram

That’s one big fish

Here’s Fitz posing for a GoPro selfie with a huuuuge 200-kilogram grouper while scuba diving at the Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Swimming sea turtle

Cable snapped this photo of a swimming sea turtle while snorkeling in Low Isles, Queensland. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

Cat selfie

Here’s another cat selfie. This time it’s of Todd Harper‘s feline friend, Smokie.

Photo by: _toddharper/Instagram

Shady koala

While exploring the Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia, Fitz took an up-close-and-personal picture of a little koala trying to hide from the sun. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Whale shark in Mexico

While visiting Mexico in 2015, Fitz was able to swim (and take a photo) with the tail fin of a whale shark. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Monkey selfie

Back in 2016, Cable used his GoPro Hero 4 to capture this monkey taking a selfie at the Ubud Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

Argentinian penguin

On the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, there’s a sizable penguin population. Juani Silguero used his GoPro to snag a photo of one of the birds. 

Photo by: juanisilguero/Instagram

Dog sunset

Using just his GoPro, Cable snapped a majestic photo of his dog enjoying a sunset in Stoneleigh, Australia. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

Kangaroos catching hands

While in Cape Hillsborough, Australia, professional photographer Mark Fitz snapped two kangaroos throwing hands at each other during a picturesque sunset. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Swimming stingray

Using his GoPro, Fitz took a cool underwater picture of a sneaky stingray swimming on the ocean floor in Queensland, Australia. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Swimming with the fishes

While scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico, Mitch Bergsma discovered a group of fish to pose with. He used a GoPro Hero 3000 to take this photo.

Photo by: micbergsma/Instagram

Koala-ity time

Cable didn’t stop after snapping photos of sea turtles and kangaroos; he also found a koala chilling in the trees while exploring Cape Otway, Victoria, Australia. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

Elephant in Thailand

While riding on the back of an elephant in Thailand, Cable used his GoPro Hero 4 to snap a photo of this mountainous beast. 

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram

Bruce the lemon shark

A swimming stingray wasn’t the only sea creature that Fitz saw while in Queensland, Australia. Here’s a shot of a lemon shark named Bruce. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Fishes at the Great Barrier Reef

While out enjoying the views of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Fitz found a group of fish swimming in the ocean. 

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Kangaroo sunrise

When the marsupials aren’t trying to knock each other out, they’re enjoying a beautiful sunrise. Here’s another photo from Cape Hillsborough taken by Fitz

Photo by: _markfitz/Instagram

Sea turtle selfie

Before Cable snapped a photo of a sea turtle, he achieved a long-life dream of swimming with them. This picture was taken near Gili Meno Island, Indonesia.  

Photo by: alexcable28/Instagram


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