2018 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Turismo Release Date, Price and Specs – Roadshow

BMW 6er Gran Turismo

The new 6er Gran Turismo is a bulbous coupe-crossover mashup that has us longing for the simpler lines of a traditional wagon.


“The all-new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo is geared towards discerning customers who place great importance on individuality.” That’s what BMW’s Senior Vice President of Design has to say about the newly unveiled 2018 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Turismo, but all I can see is an indecisive vehicle for indecisive people.

I wasn’t there when it was penned, but the 6 Series Gran Turismo looks like the result of design by focus group. Start with the attractive, low-slung proportions of the 6 Series coupe, but add two more doors because sedans are more practical. Then raise the ride height and seating position because drivers want a more commanding view of the road more than a connection to the substrate. And since people want to make Costco runs in their coupes, let’s enlarge the storage with an awkward humpback and a massive rear hatch that ruins the belt line.

What you’re left with is not a coupe, but a “coupe inspired” compromise that’s less “Ultimate Driving Machine” and more “Ultimate Jack of All Trades.” It’s a car for people who maybe like the idea or image of a coupe, but actually want or need a small SUV. Sadly, in pursuing the compromise, the Gran Turismo seems to have lost everything that makes a coupe appealing, saving only a vague hint of the roof line.

Okay, rant over. What are the benefits that Bimmer’s 6er Gran Turismo touts over the recently axed 6er Coupe? Well, it should be more comfortable and have the aforementioned taller driving position. The extra set of doors improves access to the second row and the humpback design improves headroom for those seated back there. The hump also boost the Gran Turismo’s cargo capacity to 65 cubic feet with the back seats folded flat, while a tweaked rear hatch design also lowers the load-in height by 2-inches making it easier to lift and place heavy items into the increased storage.

BMW 6er Gran TurismoBMW 6er Gran Turismo

The 6er GT should be a better people and cargo hauler than the coupe, but if that’s what you’re after why not just buy an X5 or an X6?!


The GT will only be offered in 640i xDrive trim, which places the automaker’s 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-6 under the hood with 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque on tap. That torque passes through an 8-speed automatic transmission before being split between all four wheels via the standard xDrive all-wheel drive system. Lightweight aluminum and high-strength steel used in the construction should keep the weight-to-power ratio in check, enabling a 0-60 mph run in 5.1 seconds.

The great irony here is that the same buyers who shunned the BMW 5 Series wagon out of the American market will probably gobble this 6 Series Gran Turismo up like hotcakes when it reaches showrooms in the fall starting at $69,700 plus $995 for destination charges.

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