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The SureFly

Ever wanted to just jump in your own helicopter and zip across the sky to grab a quick coffee with your buddy?

With the SureFly personal helicopter from Workhorse, that might not be such a ridiculous fantasy.

With a price of around $200,000, this beast is a lot less expensive than a traditional helicopter.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Drone zone

Its eight propellers are spread across four arms, making it very stable in the air and more easily manoeuvrable than a single-rotor helicopter, according to its maker, Workhorse. 

It’s much the same principle as the small quadrocopter drones, like DJI’s Phantom series. 

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


These are the actual controls — it’s extremely basic in there to keep operation as simple as possible. 

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


You can fold the four arms in half to make it much easier to store.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Flight time

Just open the door and pop in!

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


It’s made entirely from carbon fibre, to keep the weight down, including the large landing skids.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Capt. Kent

You could be as happy as CNET’s Kent German inside your own SureFly helicopter!

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Room for two

There’s plenty of space for a friend too, if you wanted to go for a whistle-stop tour of doughnut shops in your local town.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


The SureFly has a maximum range of 70 miles, achieved by a petrol generator that powers the electric motors. There’s also a 5-minute emergency battery supply in case the motor conks out.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


Big windows mean a great view of the world from the air.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Whup whup whup

Don’t put your hand here when it’s turned on.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Under the hood

The inside of the engine.

Photo by: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


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