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After updating to iOS 11, you’re likely to be a little curious about what’s new in Apple‘s latest mobile operating system.

We plan on walking you how to use the new features in iOS 11 starting now in the lead up to the official release of iOS 11 this fall. Bookmark this page, add it to your home screen or write it on a sticky note and keep checking back.

Read this first

Don’t install it on your main device. Right now, the update is still in development, but Apple has released it as a public beta for those who love living on the cutting edge. As tempting as it may be, take our advice and don’t install it on your primary device. No, really. It can cause all sorts of issues. Here’s more info — our attempt at persuasion — should you still feel the need to install iOS 11 on your daily device.

Fine, install it, but remember you’ve been warned. Singing up and installing the iOS public beta is really simple. Follow along as Matt Elliot walks you through the process.

iOS 11 basics

Hidden features galore. Apple didn’t announce every single feature added to iOS 11 during WWDC in June. That’s OK, however, as we started digging through it a short time later. Here, take a look at what Apple didn’t tell you about iOS 11.

It’s more than iOS

Apple TV joins the fun. The public beta of TVOS 11 adds some a few tweaks and new features, including a dark mode and syncing of home screen layout between multiple Apple TVs. Read about what you need to know in order to install it.

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