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Apple’s original iPhone was released in June 2007, exactly a decade ago. 

Over the year, we’ve seen the iPhone go through some drastic changes. Not only is the design different, but the functionality and performance of the iPhone has evolved as well. The iPhone is also available in a wider variety of colors, while the original was only offered in black. Aside from color options, Apple’s iPhone has become thinner, lighter and the screen size has increased. And, not to mention, the home button is no longer a button.

Apple hasn’t forgotten about improving performance, especially if we compare the iPhone 7 Plus with its first iteration. For instance, the camera quality is much better. I mean, c’mon have you tried portrait mode? Storage size went from 8GB to up to 256 GB; now you have multitasking capability, finger print scanning technology and they even had the “courage” to remove the audio port.

Without a doubt, the iPhone has become a staple in the smartphone industry. With all the changes it has gone through, what do you expect to see to come from Apple next? CNET wants to know if you’re more interested in improvements with design or performance and functionality? 

Let us know by checking out the poll below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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