Disney and Pixar have snuck onto Apple’s video app Clips – CNET


Clips gets Disney and Pixar overlays.


Hey, remember Apple Clips? The square movie editor for social media launched in March, and according to Apple, it’s doing great so far, with millions of active users. Apple said Clips would get regular content updates over time, and the first update hits today: mostly, it’s Disney-powered.

There are free Disney and Pixar characters and titles, which can be dropped all over your clips. Mickey, Minnie, the emotions from “Inside Out,” Woody from “Toy Story” and a bunch of others.

Other updates include an assortment of non-Disney animated title cards and sticker-like animated overlays, plus a clearer way to edit voice-dictated captions.

The updates are all free. The new update does not, however, include any new visual filters. Clips already has a good handful that work well, but more would have been nice.

According to Apple, Clips are being shared the most via Messages, with social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) close behind.

The update to Apple Clips is available today.

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