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Welcome, visitor

“In Westworld, there are no safe words.” Beware that what you experience here may alter your description of reality for forever. 

Photo by: HBO

Life without limits

“Westworld: The Experience” allows Comic-Con attendees the chance to pretend they’re actually taking a trip to the futuristic theme park depicted in the hit HBO show.

If you’re at Comic-Con and want to schedule your own appointment, head to the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel early each morning.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Welcome to Westworld

Welcome to Delos’ Westworld, where all your dreams are made real; a futuristic theme park full of realistic robot hosts. What could go wrong? Uhh…

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Doesn’t look like anything to me

From what we’ve seen of what can happen to Delos employees, we’ll leave this door closed, thank you.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Dream a little dream

We’re sure the hosts won’t let anything go wrong with the park. 

Photo by: HBO

Costume change

Suit up (you don’t really get to do this at the show, sadly) and head into the adult playground of Westworld. 

Photo by: HBO

Weapons galore

Which gun, holster, weapon speaks to you?

Photo by: HBO

Decisions, decisions

You’re encouraged to ogle and make a choice before your personality assessment. 

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Hello all

The clothing of old friends graces the waiting room. Never realized Maeve’s skirt was so short.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Department directory

Headed for wardrobe? The salon? The armory? 

We know Delos is likely huge, and all are vital parts of a Westworld experience. But here, we’re bound straight for intake and Guest Services. Your Westworld vacation is about to begin.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Howdy, pardner

Entering a different world. Our host guided us toward our personality assessment and a new experience.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Heads will roll

Does that look a little like Dolores?

Photo by: HBO

Heady experience

Westworld has many possible looks for its hosts. Don’t worry, at the end of this hallway, all of your hopes and dreams are about to become reality.

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET


Behind the SW door (Samurai World?) were intense sounds of sword fighting, grunts and strikes. It was passed off as research and development, but I would be willing to risk loss of limb to see in there. 

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

How can we help?

The guest services personnel helped me find what I was seeking from the park, and whether I was a white hat hero or a black hat extraordinaire. 

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

White hat

My biggest fear has been confirmed: Deep down I’m a white hat. (That’s not actually me, but you get the idea.)

Photo by: HBO

Don’t shoot

Again, not me but love the hat. (When you go through the experience, you get to keep the genuine cowboy hat!)

Photo by: HBO

What’s this?

A poorly lit corridor leads us to our first adventure.

Photo by: HBO

Mariposa Saloon

Sadly, Maeve was not working.

Photo by: HBO

Cocktail hour?

After the hat sorting hat, my compadres and I met up in the Saloon for some period-appropriate drinks and some good conversation. 

Black hats and white hats mingled without any altercations (surprisingly). 

Photo by: Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Thank you, sir

Photo by: HBO

Haunting sounds

A blood-spattered piano played in the background as we ignored the feeling that danger was headed our way and lived without limits. 

Photo by: HBO

Would you like an experience?

A friendly Madame hung around the group as we worked our way through some delicious drinks. 

Photo by: HBO

Adios, partner

Photo by: HBO


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