Words With Friends to be turned into a TV game show – CNET

Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

The mobile word game Words With Friends is set to become a TV show, following the news that its publisher Zynga has partnered with MGM Television.

The news was announced via a brief statement on Zynga’s investor website, stating “MGM Television and Zynga…today announced a collaboration to develop a new television game show based on Words With FriendsThe show will also incorporate aspects from Zynga’s larger portfolio of ‘With Friends’ word and puzzle games,” 

“Playing [Words With Friends] is a daily ritual for some of the biggest names in Hollywood,” MGM’s president of unscripted television Barry Poznick explained, “we’ve created the perfect format to capture their competitiveness and creative wordplay.”

Exactly how a Scrabble-style game will translate into TV remains to be seen.

Words With Friends was first launched in 2009. Zynga says that an estimated 55 million matches are being played worldwide at any given time.

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