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The Nokia 8 is real, that we now know for sure.

Some folks spotted it on an official Nokia website (where it was then quickly taken down), a sure sign that at least one rumor is true: Nokia 8 is the official name, and it’s coming. Soon.


Why you should care about the Nokia 8

As a person who buys phones, the main reason to care about the Nokia 8 is because it’ll be yet another Android phone to tempt you, and that kind of competition is always good.

It’s also a little bit of history in the making. The Nokia 8 will be the first high-end Nokia phone running Android, ever. And that’s significant for a brand that has, for one reason or another, been an Android holdout even as the platform’s popularity surged.

One of the top two smartphone titans, Nokia phones ran mostly on Nokia’s house-made Symbian software, before Microsoft snapped up the phone business and turned the Nokia name into a Windows Phone shop. Now that HMD Global’s at the reins, fans have a chance to see historically well-regarded Nokia hardware team up with the most-used mobile software on the planet.

Nokia 8 could be high-end. The “8” says it all

The Nokia 8 is rumored to be a top-tier device with dual cameras, a large screen and the fastest Qualcomm processor available. (See more rumored specs below.)

This makes sense.

HMD Global, which licenses the right to the Nokia name, already released entry-level and midrange Nokia Android phones: the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. What’s missing now is the killer flagship model.

Like Nokia and Microsoft before it, HMD Global has a pattern of matching the phone’s name with its tier. So if the Nokia 3 is a basic starter device, and the 6 is midrange, you can expect that a phone called Nokia 8 would pull in some more advanced hardware, like a better screen, larger battery and those Zeiss camera lenses that Nokia loved (back when it made its own phones… we know, it’s confusing).

Rumored launch date: July 31?

The announcement could come as early as July 31, according to frequent mobile tipster Evan Blass, who also writes for VentureBeat. We’ll certainly keep our ears perked for word of an official event around that time. I suspect we’d see HMD Global, which is based in Finland, launch the handset in London, as Nokia often did with its phones.

What’s the Nokia 8’s price?

That we don’t know. The speculated features would certainly put it up there, especially if the phone also happens to be water-resistant and includes a fingerprint reader and wireless charging (like in the Nokia Lumia 920). But if it doesn’t have those extras, I’d expect it to come in under Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which retails for $750, £689 or AU$1,200.

What will it take to put Nokia back on the map?

Great question. Believe it or not, the most successful push came from a simple phone that doesn’t run Android at all: the throwback Nokia 3310 refresh for 2017.

But if the Nokia brand ever hopes to compete with Android powerhouses like the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel, it’s going to have to bring full-featured phones that can compete against those top-rated models and everyone else.

It won’t be easy. The phone world is a supremely crowded space, and even premium handsets get lost in the swarm of other flagship rivals. HMD’s Nokia phones will have to do more than coast on brand nostalgia. It will have to make the new Nokia devices powerful, current and well-priced.

Soon, we’ll see if the new Nokia is up to the task.

Rumored specs:

  • 5.3-inch screen
  • 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution (QHD)
  • Dual 13-megapixel cameras featuring Zeiss optics
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • Snapdragon 835 processor
  • 4GB or 6GB of RAM

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