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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Holds Daily Briefing Without TV Coverage

Please don’t go Sean Spicer…the fun was just getting started.

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Damn, what’s Melissa McCarthy to do now that’s Sean Spicer quit as the White House’s press secretary?

“Spicey” resigned Friday shortly President Trump selected Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. 

Spicer only gave us six months on the job, but his daily press briefings became the stuff of comedic lore and hashtags such as #SeanSpicerFacts. Well, we at least we’ll have some tweets and memes in our minds and hearts. But first a word, rather a tweet from the man himself: 

Spicer was mocked almost instantly on his first day when he said that Trump’s inauguration had the largest audience ever.  His “facts” was later changed to “alternative facts,” by White House aide Kellyanne Conway. And the phrase never went away.

But the worst has to be when Spicer in April referred to concentration camps as ‘Holocaust centers’ and claimed Nazi leader Adolph Hitler never used chemical weapons against civilians. The hashtag #FireSpicer was a top trend on Twitter.

On a lighter note, here’s the Daily Show’s take on Spicer leaving:

This tweet from Daily Beast Writer Matt Wilsten will remember Spicer via McCarthy’s memorable impersonation on Saturday Night Live:

And there’s Spicer in the rear-view mirror:

And, finally, here’s comedian Margaret Cho’s take on Spicer’s departure:

Wait, here’s another that maybe better:

And can we consider this SNL moment a farewell kiss:

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