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Nintendo’s ultra-cute, super-tiny NES Classic Edition was supposed to cost $60. We all know how that went — disappointed shoppers, eBay scalpers, and then an ignominious death: Nintendo decided to kill it after selling just 2.3 million units

But maybe, just maybe, you can still buy one for a slightly more reasonable price — at ThinkGeek, right now. (The bundles are live, as of 12:25p.m. PT.)


You’ll have to pay extra for a bundle, like this $220 one.


Assuming that they haven’t sold out again by the time you read these words. (Seriously, what are you doing still reading this sentence? Go check first.) 

Long story short, ThinkGeek tells us they’ve managed to stockpile “thousands” of the popular discontinued console (thanks to corporate overlords at GameStop) and will be selling them today at 12 p.m. PT sharp, limit 1 per person, and only in the United States. 

And — yes — ThinkGeek too is scalping them to some degree. They’ll only be available in bundles with a bunch of other Nintendo merchandise, with prices ranging from $140 to $220. (The going price on eBay is around $200, for your reference.)

Like Best Buy before them, ThinkGeek is clearly using the NES Classic as a ploy to lure you into their store and buy things you probably don’t need. 

But we figure you’d rather have the opportunity to choose your own destiny.

If you miss out on this sale, perhaps you’ll be luckier with Nintendo’s new SNES Classic, coming September 29. It looks even better.

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