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Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates, for now

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Sorry, Bill Gates — you’re no longer king of the hill. 

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtaken former Microsoft chief Bill Gates as the world’s richest person, according to Bloomberg’s rankings of the world’s wealthiest. Thanks to increases in Amazon’s stock value, Bezos was worth $90.9 billion soon after the market opened, versus Bill Gates’ $90.7 billion. 

Since then, Amazon’s stock has climbed even higher, which should further increase the Bezos lead — at least for now. Those rankings may change again as markets change. And change they will: Amazon announces quarterly earnings today after the bell.

If, however, Bezos maintains his position after the market close, it will be his first time atop the list: Bill Gates has had the top spot since May 2013, according to Bloomberg.

Also in the top five are Gates’ bridge partner Warren Buffett and fellow tech titan Mark Zuckerberg.

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