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The Tasty One Top will work with the Tasty app.


Buzzfeed, a media company most known for its millennial mix of irreverent quizzes, celebrity news and investigative reporting, has taken an aggressive leap into the appliance business.

The Tasty One Top comes in blue or black.


The website announced today that it’s created the Tasty One Top, a $149 Bluetooth-enabled induction countertop burner designed to help you cook the recipes you see from Buzzfeed’s Tasty cooking videos. The cooktop is available in the US to preorder today, and it will start to ship in November.

Here’s how the Tasty One Top will work: You’ll download the just-released Tasty iOS app (Android is forthcoming) where you can access more than 1,700 recipes and videos. You pick a recipe you want to cook, and the app will send the appropriate settings to the Tasty One Top. The app will also give you instructions while you cook, so you’ll know when to flip your pancake or add vegetables to your stir fry.

On the surface, the Tasty One Top isn’t much different than other connected induction cooktops we’ve seen, such as the Paragon Induction Cooktop or the Hestan Cue. All of these countertop products use the precision of induction and wireless connectivity to guide you step-by-step through recipes.

But the Tasty One Top has a leg up on its competition: brand recognition. Buzzfeed created Tasty two years ago as a showcase of easy-to-cook recipes presented as quick, social-media-friendly (i.e. shareable) videos. Tasty has since grown to include more than six extensions of the brand, such as Proper Tasty, Bien Tasty and Tasty Jr. According to Buzzfeed, Tasty reaches one in four Facebook users worldwide and more than half of Facebook users in the US every month.

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