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Family reunions will never be the same.

Trixi Studios

In the near future, reality’s going to be transformed through your phone camera. Get ready for some weird memes.

A quick video shot using Apple’s upcoming ARKit tools on an iPhone shows a pretty jaw-dropping augmented reality take on the A-ha video “Take on Me.” Someone (that looks more like a video game character than an actual person) is dancing in front of a magic portal into a pencil-and-paper sketch-world. We pass through. Now we’re in the other space, looking through at kids dancing in the living room… half-sketch, half-real. It’s mesmerizing.

Trixi Studios, the makers of this demo, are a Chicago-based augmented reality studio that also created one of the first Google Tango launch apps, Phantogeist.

Much like Snapchat and its reality-bending lenses, or Prisma’s impressive photo filters, ARKit seems ready to apply more advanced augmented reality effects in increasingly-impressive demonstrations by developers. 

ARKit is arriving as part of iOS 11 this fall, but it’s already looking amazing. And, even more impressively, a lot of these types of effects might be possible by future iPhone AR apps on the fly — no complex editing necessary.

It suggests that dancing hot dogs are just the beginning of a long, strange trip into bizarre transformed home movies.

For comparison, the original “Take on Me” video is below.

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