How to Grow a Hipster Beard

A hipster beard is a statement look that is unique to your facial structure. Shave your face first so your beard can start at an even length. Let it grow out to the length you desire. Your beard will appear wild at first, but can be controlled by trimming and styling. After you’ve made the perfect beard, maintain it with routine trimming, weekly washing with shampoo and conditioner, and applying beard oil.


EditGrowing the Beard

  1. Cut your beard to an even length. Start with your facial hair at an even length. You can begin by completely shaving your face. If you already have a beard, use trimmers to make the beard an even length on all sides.[1]
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  2. Let the beard grow. On a cleanly-shaven face, a beard will take about six weeks to grow back. Aim for a beard half an inch (1.3 cm) long. Feel free to continue to grow your beard beyond this point. Your hipster beard can be as long as you want it to be.
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    • You may trim loose hairs during this time, but any mistake will make the beard uneven. It’s better to allow your beard to grow out naturally first.
  3. Shape the beard to your face. The best beard for you is the one that compliments your face. Look in a mirror and note your face structure. You want the beard to make your face look oval-shaped. Trim the parts of the beard that stick out by using scissors or a beard trimmer.[2]
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    • If your face looks square or circular, cut the sides of the beard short. If your face looks long (oblong or rectangular), keep the bottom of the beard short and grow out the sides.
  4. Maintain the beard’s length with monthly trimming. Your beard will continue to grow. Use your scissors or beard trimmer to keep your beard at the length you desire. Start by one ear and work around to the other ear. Take care of any loose or overgrown hairs. You’ll have to do this once or twice a month.[3]
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  5. Shave your neck. Your beard will creep down your neck, giving you the dreaded neckbeard look. To figure out where to end your beard, hold your head up and keep it level. Put a finger under each ear. Drag your fingers downwards in a U-shape to your Adam’s Apple. Shave off everything below that U-shape.[4]
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EditTaking Care of Your Beard

  1. Shampoo and condition your beard every few days. Specialty beard products work, but you can also use the same product you use on your hair. Treat your beard while you’re in the shower. It can help relieve the itch from a growing beard. It’ll also keep your beard soft and remove debris that can get stuck in it.[5]
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    • You can wash your beard every day, but you’ll be removing body oils too. This can lead to a dry beard. Try washing it two or three times a week and rinsing it on the other days.[6]
  2. Use beard oil daily. Make a routine of applying beard oil. Various oils, such as jojoba, argan, and coconut oil can be used. They are also ingredients in commercial beard oils. Place some of the oil on your beard. Use your hands or a comb to spread it throughout your beard. It’ll keep the hair soft and healthy.[7]
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  3. Comb the beard in the direction you want it to fall. Use a beard comb or brush. Comb out your beard to straighten it and make it easier to manage. This is useful when attempting to trim your beard or style it. Do this at least twice a month or whenever your beard looks out of control.[8]
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EditStyling Your Beard

  1. Let the beard look scruffy. Hipster beards are notable for looking full and slightly rough. Don’t go overboard when trimming and styling yours. Your beard shouldn’t look short and neat, but it also shouldn’t look unruly. Keep up with consistent washing and trimming to maintain the beard at a happy medium length.
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  2. Use wax to shape your mustache and beard. Wax helps hold your facial hair into unique shapes and styles. Dip your fingers into the wax and rub it on the ends of hair. You can keep the ends of your mustache pointed outward or shaped downward into a design such as a Fu Manchu. Treat parts of your beard the same way to create points or curls.[9]
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    • Wax products are made of different substances, such as petroleum or beeswax, and come in different hardnesses. Softer waxes work best on shorter hair and firmer waxes hold up better in heat.
  3. Keep your hair neater than your beard. Shorter, tidier hairstyles match better with hipster beards. Your hair shouldn’t appear shaggy. An undercut is one option, where the sides are cut short and you can use pomade to slick back the top. Use wax and your fingers to tousle hair for a windswept look. You can also tie longer hair into a man bun.[10]
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  • Go to a stylist regularly to for professional help in maintaining your beard.
  • Supplements may help you grow a fuller beard. Try eating healthy food and taking vitamins, too.


  • Some people may not be able to grow enough facial hair for a good-looking beard.
  • A trimming mistake can ruin your hipster beard. However, you can always shave it off and regrow it.

EditSources and Citations

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