Electronic Ocarina of Time lets you serenade Zelda – CNET


This won’t actually make Epona appear.


Ocarinas aren’t the most challenging instruments to learn to play, but truly lazy people and fans of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series will still appreciate ThinkGeek’s electronic Ocarina of Time. You don’t have to blow into it. Instead, you just hit buttons to trigger notes based on the ocarina sounds from the video game.

The ocarina features a gameplay-style mode where you must hit the right buttons to unlock a hidden song. A song book walks you through which buttons to push to produce everything from “Zelda’s Lullaby” to “Song of Storms.” The free-play mode lets you pretend like you’re in Jethro Tull so you can rock out to your own melodies. 

The ocarina runs on three AAA batteries, comes with a display stand and can make eight different notes with pitch adjustment.

ThinkGeek is taking $29.99 preorders for shipping in October to the US and Canada only. EB Games in Australia will carry the gadget for AU$48. 

Ocarina of Time first came out in 1998, but it lives on as one of the Zelda series’ greatest masterpieces. If you’ve conquered the game, then you can still take on the challenge of conquering some electronic ocarina tunes. 

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