Razer nixes support for Nextbit Robin phone for good – CNET


The Robin flies away for the last time.

Josh Miller/CNET

When the Nextbit Robin launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, it reached its funding goal within hours. Many people were interested in a phone that primarily used cloud storage as a method to store photos, videos and apps. Fast forward to now and the Robin has officially flown the nest.

Razer, which acquired Nextbit on January 2017, announced Tuesday that it will stop supporting the phone. This comes after an interview with CNET earlier this year in which Nextbit cofounder Tom Moss said Razer would support the phone through February 2018, though he admitted a sequel to the Robin was unlikely. 

As per the statement:

“Rebels, effective August 1, 2017, we will be shutting down support for Robin. Although you won’t be able to reach us by phone or chat anymore, any outstanding RMA tickets will be handled via email. Remember, you can still refer to our self-help section here, or get help from other Robin users on Razer Insider. If you purchased your Robin through a third-party reseller, please contact them for any inquiries.”

Razer is said to be making a phone of its own that is tailored for “hardcore gamers,” and could still benefit from the Nextbit acquisition despite ceasing sales of the Robin. The Nextbit team includes Google and HTC alumnus, and Razer announced a partnership with the European and Hong Kong carrier Three earlier this May.

Razer didn’t immediately reply for a request to comment.

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