3D model of the iPhone 8 is going viral, and it may be legit – CNET

Video by MacRumors

At the end of July, in a firmware update for the upcoming HomePod smart speaker, two iOS developers stumbled upon what might be some of the next iPhone’s new features.

On Monday, videos of a 3D dummy model based on that leaked design started to appear on YouTube. The 3D model iPhone 8 shows a design without side display bezels, an Essential phone-like display wrapping around a front-facing camera and sensors, and the new vertical dual-camera setup on the rear. The dummy model doesn’t show the software running on it.

Take a look at the video above that Matt Gonzalez from MacRumors made showing off a dummy model of what could be the iPhone 8.

CNET hasn’t independently verified the HomePod software, the leaked iPhone design in that software or the 3D model of the iPhone 8 that’s been popping up in videos.

Apple didn’t respond to our request for comment.


Could this be what the iPhone 8 looks like in black, silver and cooper?


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