Celebrate National Dog Day with ‘new dog smell’ air fresheners – Roadshow


At least it won’t smell like wet dog. 


Now you can have your car smell like your best friend or fur baby. For National Dog Day on August 26 — yes, that’s a real thing and should be a federally recognized holiday — you’ll be able to claim a free “new dog smell” air freshener from Autotrader.

It might seem like a cheap gimmick to get readers to click on a site, but it’s for a good cause. For every doge-smelling air freshener, Autotrader will donate to Adopt-A-Pet.com. You’ll be able to claim your air freshener and contribute to the cause at this link starting on August 24.

The “new dog smell” air freshener is supposed to be a nostalgic smell that reminds you of the first day you brought your dog home — which is to say it doesn’t actually smell like dog. Instead, the freshener is described as lavender and oatmeal, which doesn’t sound like a rough smell at all. 

Earlier this year we saw other dog-focused marketing campaigns with the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs and the Rogue Dogue concepts, which had dog-focused features for your furry family member. 

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