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Samsung and its wireless partners will begin taking preorders for the Note 8 on August 24, with shipments expected to arrive on September 15. Orders open up at 12:01 a.m. EST. 

Below is a list of various carriers and retail locations you can preorder Samsung’s latest and greatest phone.

Direct will offer an unlocked Note 8, as well as carrier-specific versions in the US. Former Note 7 users will need to order from Samsung in order to take advantage of a special trade-in offer of up to $425 on the Note 8. 


C Spire, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, and Xfinity Mobile will also all carry the Note 8 starting September 15, according to Samsung.

As we receive information from each carrier we will update this post with preorder links and details.

Retail stores

Best Buy, Target, and Walmart all will carry the Note 8, but it appears only Best Buy will take preorders. 

Preorder promotion

For a limited time, those who preorder the Note 8 can pick between two accessory packages, free of charge. The first package is the second-generation Gear 360 camera.The second package consists of a wireless fast-charging pad and a 128GB microSD card.

We suggest holding onto any and all receipts from preorder and be sure to follow the instructions on Samsung’s promotion website to claim your free gear. 

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