Tesla big rig coming in September, with 200 to 300 miles range – Roadshow

Tesla Semi truck

Tesla released this image of what it’s upcoming freight delivery truck might look like.


Tesla CEO founder has been saying for some time that the company will show off what he refers to as the “Tesla Semi truck” this September. The company even released a rendering of what it would look like.

Now, a report by Reuters says that the truck’s electric drive system will give it a range of 200 to 300 miles. That range makes it suitable for regional freight delivery, short of the long-haul trucks that travel the interstates.

In addition, Tesla is testing its autonomous driving technology for the truck.

The trucking industry represents a new opportunity for electric vehicles. With lower maintenance and fueling costs, electric trucks offer substantial benefits to fleet operators. Initial costs may initially prove prohibitive, although mass production of an electric truck will rein that investment in.

New electric vehicle start-up Chanje is betting that its electric vehicles will prove attractive for daily freight delivery in an urban setting. Chanje is betting on limited competition in this niche. 

Tesla would be facing more entrenched competition from the likes of Kenworth and Daimler-owned Freightliner. As Tesla has disrupted the passenger car market to some degree, it may do the same for a segment of commercial freight delivery.

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