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Price-check on aisle… er, all aisles! Now that Amazon is running the place, some Whole Foods prices have dropped.

Cyrus McCrimmon/Denver Post

If you never shop at Whole Foods because, well, everything there costs more, here’s good news: Now that Amazon has completed its acquisition of the chain, expect to see lower prices on a variety of products. Starting today.

According to an Amazon statement issued last week, you’ll see cuts on products including Whole Trade bananas, organic avocados, organic large brown eggs, organic baby kale and roughly half a dozen other products.

For example, before today, Whole Foods’ organic Fuji apples cost $3.49 per pound. Now you can get them for $1.99/pound — a savings of 43 percent.

The aforementioned bananas, previously $0.79/pound, now sell for $0.49/pound. That’s actually a little less than what my local grocery store charges for Chiquita bananas.

Expect to save about a buck each on Hass avocados, too, which now sell for $1.49.

Where’s the beef? Whole Foods’ Local Grass-Fed 85% Lean Ground Beef is down significantly, to $6.99/pound from $10.99.

All this is “just the beginning,” according to Amazon’s new Whole Foods page. Meanwhile, I’m on my way to my local WF store, so check back later to see if I found any other particularly good deals.

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