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What’s that about an “Infinity War“? There’s a different kind of battle going on in the upcoming film “The Current War,” which features inventor Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch, of “Sherlock” fame) competing with George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon, of “Boardwalk Empire” and “Man of Steel”) to see whose electrical system will win out.

“I’m so full of ideas, it’ll take me 12 lifetimes to execute it,” Cumberbatch’s Edison boasts in the new trailer, released Thursday.

Edison’s choice is direct current (DC), while Westinghouse and others promote alternating current (AC), which Edison tries to paint as dangerous. Nicholas Hoult plays inventor Nikola Tesla, who aids Westinghouse. “I fix problems for idiots,” Hoult’s Tesla announces in the trailer’s best line.

Turns out the AC/DC battle to light up the night featured hot competition, and maybe even some dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

“The Current War” opens on Nov. 24 for a limited release in the US, and in January worldwide.

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