Nokia’s Steel watch is seriously slick – CNET


The Nokia Steel is a smart device disguised as a regular ol’ wristwatch. 

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It doesn’t receive calls, text or email notifications like other smart watches. 

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It’s a basic fitness tracker, following your steps, distance travelled, calories burned during exercise and daily calorie expenditure.

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It’s also water resistant up to 50 metres, and can track the distance you swim.

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It has no screen, so you’ll get your readings through Nokia’s Health Mate phone app.

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


Unlike other wearables, you don’t need to charge the Steel’s battery. Nokia says it lasts for 8 months. 

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It’s a good choice for those who dislike the look of smart bands, or think smart watches are too chunky.

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


It’s a rebranded version of Withings’ Activite Pop. It retails for $130, AU$229 and £119. 

Photo by: Ian Knighton/CNET


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