NES Classic will return to stores in 2018 – CNET


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic was a huge hit because it looked like the original NES and had some of its most popular games.

Josh Miller/CNET

Nintendo has confirmed through Business Wire that more units of their popular NES Classic console will be available in 2018, despite the company previously stating that it would cease production by the end of 2017.

Nintendo gave no other further details, but it did say a greater amount of SNES Classics — the highly anticipated followup to the NES Classic — will be available for US launch day, 29th Sept.

The SNES Classic has suffered recent preorder woes, with the Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé telling the Financial Times that the preordering issues were “outside our control.”

“I would strongly urge you not to overbid on an SNES Classic on any of the auction sites,”said, Fils-Aimé while attending Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit in LA. “You shouldn’t [have to] pay more than $79.99.”

Nintendo was not immediately available for comment.

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