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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling attempt to hail cabs on opposite sides of the street at the same time. 

Dale Robinette

Maybe you keep remembering “La La Land” as the Academy Award winner for Best Picture, but you’d be incorrect. Either way, it was nominated and is generally well-liked by lots and lots of critics. The film makes its way to HBO’s streaming services on September 16.

Let’s talk about some things that are not in the podcast because if you’re reading this, you might as well get a bonus. Over on Crackle.com, you can catch Will Smith in “Ali.” Smith underwent a physical transformation to accurately portray the boxing legend in the ring.

Or maybe, it’s finally time for you to watch the amazingly awful “Battlefield Earth.” It’s also streaming on Crackle.com for the month of September. Of importance is that this streaming service is free, so when you’re watching “Battlefield Earth” (with its RottenTomatoes score of 3%), you can rest assured it did not cost you a dime.

There’s even more to watch. Listen to this guy tell you the things: 

Sing away the weekend with “La La Land”

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