How to Use Google News

Do you like to stay up to date with the latest news? Google News is a great platform to keep you updated on what’s happening around the world.


EditGetting Started

  1. Go to Google News. Visit in your browser. In Google search results, click on the News from the top side.
    Google News; URL.png
  2. Select a section. You can choose Headlines, Local News, or location-based news for you from the top side of the page. Click on each headline to read what’s new in that section.
    Google News; Section.png
  3. Select a topic. Select your favourite topic from the left side. For example, you can pick Top Stories, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Science, or Health.
    Google News; Topics.png
  4. Share news. Click on the share button, near the headline, and choose a social media platform to share or copy the link from the pop-up screen.
    Google News; share.png

EditEditing Your Sections List

  1. Go to Section Settings. Click on Manage sections from the bottom of the SECTIONS list. Or directly go to
    Google News; Edit Topics of Section List.png
  2. Add new section. Type any topics you’re interested in. For example, you could type football, Twitter, or music. Also add a title (optional).
    Google News; Add new section..png
  3. Save your settings. Click on the ADD SECTION to finish.
    Google News; section add.png
  4. Remove or edit your sections. Scroll to “Section” and click Hide to remove a section. You can also drag to reorder the sections.
    Google News; Remove or Edit Your Sections.png

EditChanging General Settings

  1. Open the General settings. Click on the gear icon from the corner and select General from the drop-down list.
    Google News; General Settings.png
  2. Disable automatic reload if desired. Un-check Automatically refresh news to disable automatic reload of the page.
    Google News; Disable Automatic Reload.png
  3. Edit the Sports Scores section if you want to. You can disable/enable sports scores from there. Also, you can select different leagues/sports from there.
    Google News; Edit Sports Scores Section.png

EditAdding Your Interests

  1. Go to ‘Your Interests’. Click on the gear icon and select Your interests from the drop-down list.
    Google News; Your Interests.png
  2. Add your interests. Enter them one by one in the box.
    Google News; Add Your Interests.png
  3. Done. You can see stories about your interests in the For You section.
    Google News; Add Your Interest.png

EditManaging Locations

  1. Click on the gear icon and select ‘Local sections’ from the drop-down list.
    Google News; Local sections.png
  2. Add new locations. Enter the city, town or zip code in the box.
    Google News; Add new location.png.png
  3. Click on the ADD LOCATION button to add your locations. You can reorder or delete your current locations from there.
    Google News; Manage locations.png

EditGetting an RSS Feed Link

  1. Select a topic. Click on your favourite topic from the left side. For example, you could select sports, business, science, or technology.
    Google News; select a topic.png
  2. Scroll down to the bottom. Find RSS from the bottom and copy the link address. Done!
    Google News; RSS.png


  • You can manage your interests and locations to get more stories on your favourite topics.
  • The “Fact Check” label tells you whether claims related to your search query are true or false according to the publisher’s fact check.
    Google News; Fact Check.png


  • Google News doesn’t fact-check; it simply serves as a repository for several original publishers which do the fact-checking.

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