Andy Rubin’s Essential sued over modular connector tech – CNET

Josh Miller/CNET

Andy Rubin’s Essential Products has slipped right back into hot water.

Keyssa, a wireless technology company backed by iPod co-creator Tony Faddell, is suing Essential, founded by Android cocreator Rubin, in a lawsuit filed on Monday that alleges the company stole trade secrets, according to Reuters.

Keyssa alleges that Essential for 10 months considered using the company’s wireless tech for its first phone, the Essential Phone, before opting to use a competitor, SiBEAM. During that 10 month period, Essential was educated by Keyssa engineers on the technology, and went on the use that information despite not partnering with the Faddell-backed company. 

This information amounts to trade secrets, Keyessa says, and Essential breached a nondisclosure agreement by using it. The practical application was the Essential Phone’s wireless connector, which attaches to a 360-camera accessory

Essential had trouble back in June when phone accessory maker Spigen sent the company a cease-and-desist letter over the use of the name “Essential,” reported Android Police. Spigen had trademarked “Essential,” but not specifically for phones. In response, an Essential spokesperson said at the time, “Essential believes they are without merit and will respond appropriately.”

Essential and Keyssa were contacted for comment. 

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