Pay with Google speeds up tedious online payments on Android – CNET


Less hoop jumping, more Hoop Dreams.


Parting with your money online isn’t always as easy and breezy as it should be, but Google thinks it’s come up with a fix.

The company launched Pay with Google on Monday, a service that should help you speed through online checkouts in record time.

Gone are the forms, the session timeouts, the errors and the backup authentication, promised the company in a blog post. Instead you’ll be able to select any credit or debit card attached to your Google Account and let the merchant and Google handle all the hoop-jumping for you.

The only thing you may need to do is to identify yourself — by using your phone’s fingerprint scanner, for example, or by confirming your card’s three-digit CVC security number.

You can take advantage of Pay by Google through the company’s Chrome web browser. It’ll also work on an ever-expanding list of Android apps, including popular services such as Kayak, Postmates and Dice. More services, including Airbnb, Deliveroo, Hotel Tonight, Just Eat and Hungry House are coming soon.

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