Leaked ‘OnePlus 5T’ pic hits the web – CNET

Ready for a OnePlus 5 upgrade? OnePlus might be.

After only four months since releasing the phone (to rave CNET review, no less), a leaked image purporting to be the OnePlus 5T was leaked to Android Authority. It’s a rumor, not fact, but if it’s true, it could give us a clue about how the upcoming phone might look.

The dimly lit photo shows off thin bezels.

Android Authority

The photo depicts a device with thinner bezels than the OnePlus 5 and no fingerprint scanner below the display, unlike the typical OnePlus design. The report also brings attention to the screen, saying that the 5T could have a larger 6-inch display with a 2K resolution and a 18:9 aspect ratio.

A mid-year update would fall into OnePlus’ update cycle from 2016. Last November OnePlus released the 3T, a revamped version of the OnePlus 3 that came out June 2016 (there was no OnePlus 4). The 3T got a few improvements over the 3 like longer battery life, a better camera and a newer processor. Now it seems like the OnePlus 5 may get the same treatment.

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Rumors of the 5T were stoked when people realized that the OnePlus 5 was unavailable from the OnePlus website in most countries. Since the only way to buy OnePlus’ phones in most countries is through the company’s own websites, it seemed strange for the device to be unavailable — especially only 4 months after the phone’s release.

Meanwhile, other potential images of the 5T have popped up on Chinese social media site Weibo, adding fuel to the fire.

Are you hoping for the OnePlus 5 to get an upgrade? Stay tuned to CNET as more reports surface.

OnePlus did not respond to a request for comment.

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