Nintendo Switch update embraces GameCube controller adapter – CNET


The original GameCube controller


When Nintendo released its version 4.0 update for its Switch console last week, it looks like there was a big ol’ surprise in it for the faithful: support for the GameCube controller adapter, a Wii U accessory that only really worked with Super Smash Bros. at the time.

CNET’s Sean Buckley got a chance to try it for a bit and reported back: “It works, and it feels pretty good, but it doesn’t have complete compatibility. Because the GameCube controllers analogue sticks don’t click down, it doesn’t have as many inputs as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It’s also lacking a left bumper button. 

“Apart from that though, it’s definitely good enough to play Mario Kart.”

It’s also sparked speculation that the Switch release of Super Smash Bros. is imminent.

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