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Amazon is expanding its repertoire of Prime Exclusive phones with four LG phones: the LG G6, the LG G6+, the LG Q6, and the LG X Charge.

What are Prime Exclusive phones, you ask? They’re discount sale prices for Amazon Prime members only. This started with the Moto G4 last year, but has expanded to include phones from Nokia, Alcatel, Motorola and now two of LG’s top phones. What’s the catch? To make the phones cheaper, Amazon will put ads on your device’s lock screen. It’s a push to reward and engage Prime members while also expanding Amazon’s revenue stream.

The benefit is that if you can live with the ads, you’ll save a nice chunk of change, starting with $100 on the LG G6. For example, with a $650 retail price, the G6 today sells for $500 on T-Mobile an $586 on AT&T. It’s $400 through Amazon Prime.

The LG G6+, which piles on 128GB of internal storage for $500 (the G6 has 32GB, plus a microSD card slot to add more). You’ll also find the midrange LG Q6 for $230, or the battery beast LG X Charge for $150.

Amazon Prime vs. retail prices

LG G6 LG G6+ LG Q6 LG X Charge
Amazon Prime price $400 $500 $230 $150
Retail price $500-$700 $530-$600 $300 $200-$230
Supporting carriers AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular AT&T, T Mobile, Verizon AT&T, T Mobile AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile

Amazon’s Prime Exclusive phones also come preloaded with apps such as Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Photo. The phones will be unlocked. Preorders start Thursday, with shipments expected in November.

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