PUBG faces ban in China because it ‘harms mental health’ – CNET


You likely won’t be playing this in China.

Bluehole Studio

Here’s one place PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds likely won’t be played: China. 

The multi-player online gaming sensation, which grew in popularity through its simple premise of dropping players onto an island to kill each other off “Battle Royale”-style, likely won’t get a publishing license in the country, according to China’s Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association (site is in Chinese). 

PlayerUnknown, also known as PUBG, is “a serious deviation from our socialist core values and the traditional Chinese culture and ethical norms,” the agency said, adding that it is “not conducive to the physical and mental health of young consumers.” The agency highlighted the gladiator-like nature of the competition and voiced its concern over the blood and violence. 

China has been known to ban content including popular films like “Star Wars” and “The Dark Knight.”

A spokesman for Bluehole, PUBG’s publisher, wasn’t immediately available for comment. 

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