Does Google Docs have faulty locks? – CNET

Frustrated Young Man Screaming While Using Laptop

Some Google Docs users are tweeting their frustrations about being locked out of their files Tuesday. 

Richard Theis/Getty

Google Docs dished out more tricks than treats for some users hit by locked-out accounts Tuesday. 

A slew of Google Docs users reached out to the service’s Twitter account Tuesday morning that they’re being wrongfully locked out of their files with a warning about violating terms of service. Users complained they’ve lost access to their files that contain harmless material, like mundane school assignments and an in-process article about Halloween

The lockout is accompanied by a warning that the item violates terms of service, the groundrules that Google requires of people who take part in the free, cloud-based program. 

A Google spokesman said the company is investigating an issue with Google Docs and will provide more information “when appropriate.” 

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