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You’ll have to wait a while if you had your eye on the newest home security system from Ring. 

On Thursday night, a Delaware judge blocked the sale of Ring products as part of a lawsuit involving Ring and rival security company ADT, the website Law360 reports.

In the lawsuit, ADT Holdings vs. Mike Harris, et al, ADT alleges that Ring gained security trade secrets using “theft and felony” after a company called Zonoff, Inc. defaulted on debts it owed to ADT, Law360 reported. There was a short trial for the case in September in Delaware Chancery Court, but the court has yet to make a final ruling. 

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On Thursday, Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster stopped Ring from selling any products that use the intellectual property that’s at the center of the lawsuit until the court rules on the case. That block includes Ring’s latest product, the Ring Protect home security system

ADT and Ring did not immediately respond do a request for comment.

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